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Alfonso Tablea (chocolate) Producers Cooperative

Alfonso Tablea (Chocolate) Producers Cooperative was first organized in November of 2004 with 30 original active members. On June 15, 2005, it was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) and since then has been actively participating in various trade fairs & exhibits to promote the product locally.

The Cooperative with the original incorporator of 30 members, mostly had women members. With a meager 15,000.00 pesos as starting capital, the rural improvement club of Alfonso and barangay health workers started chocolate Tablea production in a garage. Given the limited resources, tableas then were wrapped in simple brown & wax paper. However, over time, upon seeing the product’s potential and public’s favorable reception, the management, with the help of some friends gradually made improvements on the design.

The adoption of the new wrapper opened doors for the cooperative as invites from different trade fair & exhibit sponsored by the different government agencies poured in. Since the members were already actively participating in seminar and similar function, awareness was on a high resulting to increased productivity.

The popularity of tableas from Alfonso has earned the cooperative its reputation as one of the best tablea producers in the province of Cavite and as a proponent of the “One Town One Product” (OTOP) program of the Provincial Administration, all support has been accorded to it by the different government agencies both from the local & provincial level.

Cooperative Value

Helping Farmers

Farmers with cacao plantation would have a direct buyer of their produce.

Dedication and Commitment

The desire to uplift the flight of the farmers and forge partnership to advance the sustainability of cacao production.


Willingness to agree and fulfill what has to be done no matter how difficult it shall be.

Good Manufacturing Practices

A step by step product handling practice that ensures standard preparation and processing.


Total satisfaction of customer is foremost than the product bought for it’s worth.


To be the viable partner of farmers and community based industry for economic growth and development.


To be able to assist farmers in the selection of high yield planting material varieties.

To acquire and impart technical information and management of cacao plants needed in tablea production.

To adopt technologies that will further upgrade tablea processing techniques and help the cooperative to compete in the local and foreign market.

To enhance production of quality tablea products that will satisfy local as well as foreign market demand.


  • Cooperative Union of Cavite
  • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI Registered)
  • One Town One Product (OTOP)
  • Likhang Kabitenyo Foundation Inc.

Our Location

Contact Information

Alfonso Tablea (chocolate) Producers Cooperative
Dept. of Agriculture Bldg. Brgy. V, Poblacion, Alfonso, Cavite
Contact Person: Pablito V. Tonua
Contact Number: (046) 863 0467
Email Address: n/a